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Brutal, man.

Hello there fellow human; My name is Emily, and this is my blog which is a bit of everything.

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sometimes i forget nic cage has a son


something tells me that nic cage tries to forget he has a son

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This is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.

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Bitch please, I can totally match Ariana Grande’s vocal range. Just throw a cockroach at me

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my mom’s boyfriend is this 6’2 super buff macho dude with many facial piercings who enjoys death metal and i just came downstairs and found him crying because they had to put down a dog on animal cops

i like him

keep him

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Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this is real

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Anonymous asked: youre an rachet fuckin hoe who just want atention. and youre hair is so photoshoped blue. i hope you no winged eyeliner is uglly af.. u think u some pin girl or something but u just nast. and u fat as fuck ive seen killa wale at da zoo wit less fat then u


Oh where to start with this. 

  1. You’re grammar and spelling makes my head hurt. 
  2. Yes. I am a great big fucking hoe for being in a committed relationship…Oh my.
  3. My hair actually is not photo shopped blue…It’s not a wig, not a weave, not temporary dye…I actually did dye my hair teal.
  4. I hope you realize the shit you just stirred saying winged eyeliner is ugly on Tumblr, where probably half the population of this site rocks it.
  5. I do not think that I am “Some pin girl.” While I admire the pin up style and culture, and I am in love with the decades when the styles were born, I put my own spin to it.
  6. And just how am I nasty?
  7. I’m like a size 9…Not fat at all…I have curves and I’m proud. You don’t know all the shit that I have been through, and all the shit my body has been through, so you are in no position to place judgement. You must be perfect if you can judge a complete stranger on the internet so quickly like this.
  8. If you have a problem with me, come off of anon. 


im just so glad the word “ugh” was invented

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my life would probably get 2 notes

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